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Appointments and Reservations. Power English System by Natasha Cooper


By Natasha Cooper

If only we lived in the ideal world. In the real world plans have to be adjusted, meetings postponed, appointments rescheduled. Today is one of those days. So the sooner
I do it, the better.
  “This is Natasha Cooper. I have an appointment for    Thursday at 2 o’clock.”
But things have changed.
  “Unfortunately, there is a conflict in my schedule.”
Now I hit them with my request:
  “Can I reschedule for Monday afternoon or any time    Tuesday?”
An opening on Monday on such short notice? Ha, ha! Wishful thinking!
  “We have nothing in the afternoon on Monday. On    Tuesday between eleven and two we take walk-ins.    But you might have to wait.”

Oh, boy!  That’s just what I want to do… wait all day!
So I ask for a favor:
  “If someone cancels for Monday afternoon, could you    give me a call? If not, I’ll simply come in on Tuesday.”
Ah, but of course, they won’t promise to call me. Instead I’m told:
  “Check back with us later today.”
So I do what I’m told:
  “I’m calling to check whether you had any cancellations    for Monday afternoon or any time on Tuesday.”
If I luck out, and there is an opening, I jump at it:
  “Oh, that’s great! Could you write me in?”
And if it’s not my lucky day? Then, I guess, I’ll take a good, long book with me for Tuesday’s wait in line…


DO's and DON'Ts

If you must reschedule or cancel an appointment,
be sure to do so as soon as you know of the change in your schedule.

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Asking to reschedule an appointment

Can we postpone our appointment?
Let's see if we can find another day when we could get together.
Could we postpone till Thursday?
Could we move it up? (i.e. move it to an earlier time)
Could we move it up slightly?
Could we move it up one hour?
Could we move it up to 12 o'clock?

(to be continued...)

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Power English Coach

Наташа Купер переводит для Раисы Горбачевой и Нэнси Рейган
Natasha Cooper interpreting for Nancy Reagan and Raisa Gorbachev. President Reagan's Foundation.1992.

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